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Landagra has been active in Romania since 2011, consistently pursuing opportunities for buying, selling and leasing agricultural land, and acts as steward for investors and farmers.

Landagra takes care of the entire purchasing process, from searching for the desired land throughout Romania all the way to signing the final notary papers.

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We buy arable land, crop farms (field crops) and livestock farms in Romania.

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Landagra Zone has a vast portfolio of offers for farms or arable land in Romania.

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We are interested in long term renting of arable land in Romania.



We are looking for collaborators to develop our customer network as well as to grow the Landagra team.


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The Situation Of Agriculture In Romania

Romania has an agricultural area of 14.8 million hectares, of which 10 million are occupied with arable land and is ranked 6th in the European Union in terms of arable area per capita.

The ratio between the arable area and the number of inhabitants shows that each inhabitant in Romania has about 0.41 ha of arable land, a value higher than many European Union countries and almost double the EU average of 1.212 ha / inhabitant (Source - in Romanian).

Currently, the main form of agricultural holding is the small peasant household, with an average area of 1.95 ha of agricultural land, and totaling 53.5% of the country's agricultural area.

Agricultural units with legal personality have an average area of 190.8 ha and hold 42% of the country's agricultural area, as evidenced by the 2010 General Agricultural Census at the country level.

Thus, out of the 3,825 thousand individual agricultural holdings with a useful agricultural area of 7,45 million hectares, 89,9% have areas of less than 5 ha, the production obtained being entirely for own consumption.

Over 98% of these are mixed farms, both for plant and livestock production, a classification by surface or animal number not being conclusive. (Source - in Romanian).

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